09/09/2016 Welcome to Bhugoliyo. Bhugoliyo is a Departmental Magazine from the Department of Geography, Women’s Christian College. Bhugoliyo aims at promoting innovative research in various disciplines of Geography. Since its inception it has been an annual phenomenon, contributed mainly by the regular students and teachers from the department.    This is the first online issue and this remarkable event is marked by the contribution of ex-students and ex-teachers from the department. Bhugoliyo   invites authors to submit original and unpublished work in terms of written reviews, short communications and notes dealing with numerous aspects of the subject Geography. It nurtures the hidden talent of young researchers, photographers, travelogue writers, journalists and social scientists. Guidelines for authors: Papers are invited from contributors for publication in the e-magazine  Bhugoliyo from Department of Geography, Women’s Christian College, Kolkata.      The paper is to be sent at

Photographs from Deepshikha Karjee

  "the fog is illusion , the fog of confusion is hanging all over the world" - Van Morrison পৃথিবীর একপাশে একাকী নদীর গাঢ় রূপ, কান্তারের একপাশে সে নদীর জল। "cherish every sunset" "You must learn day by day , year by year to broaded your horizon"  - Ethel Barrymore “Clouds in the sky very much resembles the thoughts in our minds! Both changes perpetually from one second to another!”  - Mehmet Murat ildan "Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens every day can end beautifully" "the sky in a thousand colours" *Student, Semester I Honours

History of Mathematics

Godhuli Dey Sarkar Several civilizations like China, India, Egypt, Central America and Mesopotamia has contributed to mathematics as we know today. The Sumerians were the first people to develop a counting system. Mathematicians developed arithmetic, which includes basic operations, multiplication, fractions and square roots.                The Sumerians' system passed through the Akkadian empire to the Babylians around 300B.C. Six hundred years later, in America, the Mayans developed elaborate calendar systems and we're skilled astronomers. About this time, the concept of zero was developed.  As civilizations developed, mathematicians began to work with geometry, which computes areas and volumes to make angular measurements and has many practical applications. Geometry is used in everything from home construction to fashion and interior design. Geometry went hand in hand with algebra, invented in the ninth century by a Persian mathematician Mohammad ibn-musa-al Khowarizmi. The

Art Works by Merrylin Majhi

Two Birds Water Colour A Modern Girl Pencil Sketch with Colour Scratched Hand by a Piece of Mirror Pencil Sketch A Crying Eye Pencil Sketch A True Feeling of Depression Pencil Sketch We have two types of feeling in every people Pencil Sketch Alone Pencil Sketch with Colour   *Student, Semester I Honours

Photographs by Zeenat Sanjidah

  Reflection photography The water is always deeper than what is reflects Only from the heart you can touch the sky I never get tired of looking at what's happening up there The Sky is an infinite movie to me A sunset that good ..doesn't need a filter *Student, Semester I Honours

Plant trees more to save Mother Earth

Sampurna Rudra Nature or green environment where we live is the solitary resource of human existence and as such all living beings directly depend on the blessings of nature. Since time immemorial there has been a close nexus between man and nature, by virtue of which man is largely indebted to the resources of nature which providing us with all the opportunities of sustainable healthy life.   Trees are considered as green gold. Trees are the children of our mother nature. It gives us oxygen which supports life. So it is very necessary to save trees to make the earth safe for us. Thus, it is said that "SAVE TREES, SAVE EARTH." The plantation of trees is very important to maintain a balanced environment for our survival.   Our green hue, the womb of mother nature must not be tampered in order to pamper our modern cry. In recent days, deforestation is taking the leading role to pose a heinous threat to our healthy living. In this untoward situation, AFFORESTATION is undoubtedly

Art Works by Shashwati Basu

Shashwati Basu Ganapati Bappa (Mandala Art)  Pitt Artist Pen জয় জগন্নাথ (Mandala Art) Pastel Colour Kindness The World Need It  Pitt Artist Pen Lord Krish krishna (Mandala Art)  Pitt Artist Pen   *Student, Semester I Honours

এই যে শুনছেন

মন্দিরা রায়  "টুপ টাপ ঝরে পড়া লোনা জলের মৃত্যু সাগরে, বেদনা তিলেতিলে ডুবে  মরে, যাতনা কিনারা খোঁজে সাঁতরে." ভাবতে ভাবতে জীবনের পাশে হেঁটে যেতে যেতে এক ঝলক হাওয়ার পরশ সাথে মৃদু কাঁপুনি আমাকে থমকে দিল  "এই যে শুনছেন" পড়ন্ত  রোদ্দুরের সোনালী/ আলোয় দূরে মাইক বাজছে 'কে যেন গো ডেকেছে আমায় '  জড়াজড়ি  করে পা দুটো জড়িয়ে ধরলো দ্বিধা আর দন্দ্ব। হাঁসফাঁস নিঃশ্বাসে উৎকণ্ঠা  এখন তো রেড লাইট এলাকা সীমানা থেকে মুক্তি পেয়েছে, যানবাহনের রাস্তায় লাল- হলুদ   -সবুজ -বাতি  জীবন সুরক্ষার স্তম্ভ আবার ফাঁকা নির্জন রাস্তায় জীবন রক্ষার তাড়নায় একবুক আগুন চোখের  লালপরী - হলুদ - সবুজপরীরা দাঁড়িয়ে থাকে...  সে রকম কেউ? "একটু শুনবেন!" হৃদপিন্ডের ভেতরে ধীরে ধীরে সূর্য টা ডুবছে লাল আবির ছড়িয়ে।  বাঁ দিকে তাকাই  তিন চারটে গাছ একটু অক্সিজেন। ডাইনে তাকাই, চটুল হিন্দি গানের কলিতে রিকশাওয়ালা দ্বিধা আর দন্দ্ব এবার  কৌতূহলকে সঙ্গে নিয়ে  বুকে চেপে বসল। আঁধার থমকে আছে। "এই যে শুনুন না " পরিপূর্ণ নারী কণ্ঠ। লাল আলো জ্বলে উঠল, কেউ কী অসুস্থ? হাসপাতাল কত দূরে? অথবা অনেক কিছুই হতে পার